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Leather woman boots
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Leather women boots
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10 pairs(Min. Order)
$64.29 - $66.30/pair
10.0 pairs(Min. Order)
10 pairs(Min. Order)
$63.28 - $64.29/pair
10.0 pairs(Min. Order)
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Raffaele Capuano
Lady Shoes Srl represents both the evolution and the mix between the old craft
traditions and the use, in the production of women's footwear, of ultramodern, highly
technological and innovative machines.
The company, thanks to its 50 years of experience in the sector, offers innovative and updated products, always based on the current fashion trends, and also with an excellent quality-price ratio.
The company also creates customized collections thanks to the collaboration of the most
renowned stylists and designers of the field, who are focused on searching the right materials,colors, and new solutions at fair prices.
The company goal is to distribute its own products in Italy and abroad, under Trademarks and Patents and know-how of international importance.
The corporate structure is a family company, and it has key roles in all the sectors -
production and quality control - and stages of the manufacturing process.
Teamwork, strong commitment, humility and sacrifice are the strengths of the company,
which offers high qualitative standards, reliability, on-time deliveries and quick product
assortments, aimed at pursuing even greater mutual satisfaction with the customers.
The entire production is exclusively made in Italy.
Strategies & Targets

The company participates at the most important fairs of the footwear sector worldwide.
It distributes its products - thanks to the support of highly specialized sales agents - to the
most renowned clients of the different sectors.
Lady Shoes Srl is one of the most representative and reliable companies of the Campania
region within the footwear manufacturing sector. This reliability guarantees its success.
Despite the crisis in the manufacturing area that severely affected the sector in the past few years, the company continues to grow. Besides, it is promoting itself as one of the leader company in women's footwear in order to offer fashion and quality products in full
compliance with the HSE standards. The materials used are carefully checked in order for
them to comply with the updates of the REACH regulations, as well as the use of highly
specialized workforce is in compliance with safety, hygien at work and environmental protection rules.


2. This factory is mainly working with the best customers worldwide

3. Annual Volume of this factory:
They are producing approximately 110000/120000 footwear per year. Approximate total revenue per year: Euro around 5000000,00 euro

4. Lady Shoes make Leather Footwear - Sandals, Shoes, Boots & Short Boots for women only.

5. All production of Lady Shoes are Made in Italy

6. The factory sells their brands as well as private label, lately has launched a new brand
7. "Elisa Lanci" for a new Casual production line, with the collaboration of highly specialized Italian stylists, presenting young and fashionable products